Why I mostly liked Amazing Spider-Man 2

Ok, I just saw ASM 2. It was not without it’s faults, some parts were sluggish, yes, and they could have done better if they cut out 15 minutes worth of stuff but….


Let me tell u why I liked amazing spidey 2: it set up electro’s rise and hatred of spidey well, Harry’s motive is quite clear, and in this version he was a two year old who never grew up, a child who knew his childhood was ending. And when he got what he wanted (spider venom) and it wasn’t what he expected he was like a spoilt kid who got a broken toy for Christmas.

It also merged Harry’s and electro’s story lines together quite well, it had clear villains with clear motives, something cap 2 did not have. The winter soldier was a pawn and not a mastermind. Robert Redford wasn’t a mastermind and neither was Zola.

Even Gwen’s death was handled well, I mean, come on! She was wearing the classic green coat, right?

Even the epilogue, with the little spider-kid standing in front of the rhino? That was aces man!

I did something similar when I was a kid(I stood shamelessly in front of a horse play demonstration during a wedding: in Malay culture, the man riding the pretend cut out horse is said to be possessed, but I did some Silat moves cos in my mind I imagined I was fighting the man on the horse) so I know what’s going on in the boy’s head.

Also, that scene speaks to the ability of heroes to inspire people.

The teaser fight with Rhino also ended well, because if they spent another ten minutes on the fight it would have been pointless, so they teased just enough the future sequels and of course, the sinister six😇

Ok, soon I’ll list out why I hated Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier, a movie I was preparing to love because Cap 1 was my favorite of the Marvel Phase 1 movies….

Til then,



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