Why Captain America: The Winter Soldier was a huge disappointment

When Captain America: The First Avenger came out, I felt it was the ultimate culmination of the things Marvel was trying to achieve with it’s Phase 1 of movies.

Then the Avengers came out, and it’s still the pinnacle of superhero movies, because for the most part all the movies from Marvel and DC that came after that, seemed to have gone downhill. Too much time spent making things go toward that slant of ‘realism’ when it is obvious you have a man with a hammer that can summon lightning, whose mere presence is enough to signify that there are more ridiculous things to come.

Captain America 2, however, went the reverse and added REALISM up their collective wazoos….

Captain America 2’s pacing is uneven, the fighting is that crappy fast cut quick camera modern BS, the winter soldier was a pussy. Winter soldier? Get a coat, mother@@&!

I almost fell asleep man. But doesn’t suck as bad as Iron Man 3, though. That was…. Shite…

Also, the shit with nick fury pretend dying…. They did that schtick with Commissioner Gordon in The Dark Knight.

And honestly, the whole mystery of the winter soldier is wasted, the plot is muddled, Arnim Zola was wasted he was just an exposition device in the end and he didn’t even put his TV screen face on a robot body! Cause, you know why? Realism!!

They’re trying too hard to go back to so called “realism” when the Avengers and Thor movies clearly were fine with the fantasy ridiculousness they were building up.

Also…. There was no clear villain. Winter soldier was just a pawn
Robert Redford wasn’t a clear enough villain I feel.

This movie suffered like Iron Man 2 did as it hails from a similar affliction; it’s planting too many seeds for sequels.

Thor 2 didn’t have that problem
In fact, I think Thor 2 is the best sequel in the marvel movie universe thus far. It is very pure of intention.

Though it must be mentioned that The Falcon was the best thing in the entire movie. Every time he was on screen I lighted up and each time he was not I fell asleep.

Even the end when Steve and Sam (Cap and Falcon) were planning to find the Winter Soldier, was a clear enough hint that Marvel plans to continue this story, at the expense of sacrificing the needs of this particular movie.

Say what you will of Christopher Nolan, but at least he has the balls to keep each episode in every one of his Batman movies a self-contained entity, even going so far as to imply retirement, legacy and the passing of the mantle by the end of The Dark Knight Rises.

Here’s hoping Marblehead Studios learns from such a master and learns to serve a self contained story just as well as serve the bigger universe.

Case in point: look at Planetary by Warren Ellis. A self contained issue each episode but with a master storyline running in the background.

Ok I have rambled long enough.

Perhaps soon I shall ramble about Iron Man 3, my most hated film of 2013.

Semper Fi, comrades!


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