Recently me and my writing group picked out four random words: machine, blind, jar, catch and made up stuff around it. These 6 sentences are my take:


Sentence 1-
The blind men worked the machines that made the jars. They however were quite bad at playing catch.

Sentence 2-
The catch to making those jars was that one had to be blind in order to operate those machines.

Sentence 3-
If I were blind I’d play catch with a jar.

Sentence 4-
There were jars that lined the shelves, machine-like in their precise arrangement. I had caught early on that the man was blind, by the way he held one of those jars, eyes piercing through them but not anywhere in focus.

Sentence 5-

Fee Fi Foe fum

Catch the jar

Throw it blind

Throw it in the machine

Let it grind

Sentence 6-
The blind man’s jaw biting machine-like inside his mouth playing catch with teeth that weren’t there. The teeth hidden in an empty jar.


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