Eve of Yesterday

I’m gonna be posting the story the Eve of Yesterday art is from in little bits. Here is the first bit….



Graham Thomas wrote this haiku when he was observing a particular phenomenon that was happening in his lab:

The yesterday room

where petals fall in reverse

time moves backward here

His garden in the lab was now a room of hanging petals, slowly rising in the air and back to the stems from which they fell. Graham stood amongst those petals as they hung around him. He swatted the petals away but they always returned to their swirl, back to their points of origin.

From the ground where the dead petals fell browned and cracked and dry they rose slowly back in the air, the color and moisture in their tiny veins filling in gradient parts, where the floor of the garden held shades of grey and brown while the upper parts where they hovered around Graham were filled with the colours of their original state.

Graham planted his feet firmly in the centre of the garden, where from his waist up shades of the flowers his wife once tended spread out into different colours. He liked to see the colours as they separated. He breathed in the air, swearing but having no scientific basis that the air was fresher, that the air too somehow went back in time as well…


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